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Don’t forget, every cake is personalized and perfected for your special day - whatever the occasion.


Holly’s Sweet Treats is a more than just a bakery – it’s an experience. Specializing in custom cake artistry and design, Holly’s Sweet Treats is in the heart of Hutchinson’s downtown district.


We offer a large variety of specialty cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, sized to customer requests. The bakery specializes in creating and designing these desserts with a creative and an artistic flare to suit any and every occasion imaginable – from birthdays to weddings to corporate events and everything in between.


With Holly’s Sweet Treats, our customers are blown away by the exceptional flavor, unique design, and outstanding customer service they have come to know and expect. We maintain a friendly, creative, and fair working environment that welcomes hard work and new ideas. 

Holly’s Sweet Treats was founded by Holly Thomas, an experienced baker, cake decorator, philanthropist and business woman. Holly is native to Hutchinson and has formed many personal and business relationships that help her understand the target customer from her experiences, networking and education. The company’s competitiveness relies on the founder’s experiences, business skills, relationship, and enthusiasm. 

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